Veterans Report 2016-2017

This year has been a tad disjointed however it has moved into a positive space and things are looking a lot better going forward.

The 2016 Vets AGM highlighted that there are now a lot more Vets wanting to travel to out of town and Australian events. As a result a formal Team/Squad selection process was put in place. However, this was not followed through for the team travelling to Adelaide in September 2016.

A big thanks to Kevin Mahuika for picking up the pieces and ensuring we did have a team there. I am lead to believe we did lose that series.

At the Christchurch Show a meeting was held with all those Vets who were present and the undersigned was elected to take over the Chairmanship and management of our group.

The invitation by the Australian Axemen’s Association to compete against their vet team at the EKKA (Brisbane Royal Show) August 2017 has been accepted and the squad of 12 are looking forward to it.

One of the challenges I have had is knowing who is reaching the magic age of 60 that makes them eligible for our squad, I see the need for our membership list to include dates of birth.

We do need to offer hosting of the Australian Vets here in NZ. The challenge is finding the funds and location to do so. If you have any ideas, please contact me.

Neville Bowen

2016-2017 NZ Veterans Team
Back Left to Right: Kevin Mahuika, Robbie Brownlee, Selwyn Semenoff, Terry Wilkins,
Nelson List, Neville Bowen, Hoot Knowles, Charlie Morgan, Brian Gutsell
Front: Johnny Waters, Frank Carran, Wayne Corbin, Graeme Rasmussen