Veteran Axemen’s Report 2015-2016

New Zealand Veterans Team

NZ Veteran Axemen’s Report 2015-2016

Activity for the vets this last season was limited to an eagerly anticipated three race series between the North and South Island Veterans at Motueka in April.It has long been a dream for this type of event to happen but historically, the competitive numbers in each island have not always been sufficient to enable both islands to field teams at the same time.

It is hoped that the event will be repeated in the North Island next season.Certainly, it was great to see so many eager and competitive elder statesmen putting their bodies on the line yet again. Naturally, the camaraderie experienced, along with the lies about our abilities and ailments were of the top order.

Three races were conducted with the North Island triumphing three nil but only by quite narrow margins in each race.

Thanks to Dave McEwen for hosting and providing the wood for Motueka and also to Neville Bowen for setting the event in place.

Unfortunately, the Australian veterans declined our invitation to come over this year so the next clash with them will be in Adelaide next spring.

I want to say here that I see it as important for both countries to host this event in rotation. That has always been the goal of the veterans but here in NZ, we are sometimes hindered by a the lack of suitable two day venues and sometimes by time frames. Something for us to consider.

I hope that some lessons learned in diversity can be overcome and that we move productively forward.

Congratulations to those newcomers to the Veteran ranks and best wishes to those heading to Adelaide in the spring.

Lastly, I want to pay tribute to the work that Ray Harraway has unselfishly put into this group over the last 15 years. Often seen raising funds via his $100.00 raffles, that money was the only funding the veterans ever received outside the pro-rata monies from the NZAA. We shall miss his competitiveness in his retirement and hope that we shall still see him about the arenas.

May we never grow older.

Kevin Mahuika