Records Officer Report to Year Ending June 2014

Records Officer Report to Year Ending June 2014

In 2013 -2014 season no one has made an attempt to break any of the records which are held.

People have the right and opportunity to promote the sport by staging record attempts at meetings. It saddens me that it seems no one wants to go that extra mile to promote this side of the sport.

All attempts must be made at a meeting that is registered as an open meeting and advertised as such, prior to the day. It has happened in the past that a person tried to register the event after a record was broken. This was disallowed at the time by the late Eric Warner.

Record attempts should be conducted under the rules that are clearly laid down in the Axemen News. The competitors must also be fully registered.

For the protection of records and those competitors who currently hold titles to these records and to see that all matters are upheld in the granting of any new records

I feel that a person such as myself who is an impartial non-competitor should hold this position therefore I am happy to continue as the Record Officer.  Once I receive confirmation from the national secretary of the data base each year all record attempts will be checked and filed for the final confirmation by the NZAA Council at its AGM.

I encourage Axemen to please consider making attempts at the records, even though some records in some disciplines are becoming harder and harder to beat. Changes to equipment has made the difference. Some of our records have been held for many many years and some record holders are no longer with us.

Please ensure you use registered referees and competent timekeepers

Val Baker