NZAA 2014-2015 Presidents Report

Having allowed myself one year in which to perform this office, I now hand it on to the incoming president with no regrets. This year’s executive team has made some changes to the way we perform our offices and there are still more to do. I leave it to the incoming executive to make their way through it all.

For me, it has been a year of introspection as to the direction I believe the sport must now take in order to thrive into the future.

We all have our views as to what we believe the sport needs but unless there is a more concerted effort put in by all, there will be no significant changes.

Most of us are quite happy to simply be part of the fabric of the sport. To just enjoy what is a unique existence. However, I urge all participants to give more thought as to what might be achieved and conversely to the losses we will experience if we do not chose to act now.

We hang by a thread in terms of maintaining our international obligations due in the main to being unable to easily identify the people necessary to provide the backup required to keep our veterans, colts, women and men’s teams at peak. The facts are simple. We have only enough at the top levels to make up a team each and beyond that, there are few options available. We need either more quality or fewer teams. More determination or lower expectations or, a better means of supporting our top competitors.

For those of you who continue to hold the sport together, whether you sponsor the sport, trim logs, administrate or compete. It is to you that the sport owes its existence and I thank each of you for your input in this last

Kevin Mahuika