Axe Ferns Managers Report 2015-2016

NZ Axe Ferns Managers Report 2015-2016

Sheree Taylor, Darcell Apelu, Jackie Brown, Kylea Heaton, Alma Wallace, Rochelle Molan, Ashleigh Heath, Mikhayla Tainui-McLean (Sydney Show only).

A squad of 7 attended Adelaide Show and a squad of 8 attended Sydney Show.

Our lead up to Adelaide was a training camp held in Wanganui and run by the Wanganui club they also hosted the U21, what a great weekend had by all, these training camps are invaluable, and not to mention all the hours volunteers spent putting this together. We cannot thank you all enough.

We headed off to Adelaide with a full head of steam, the ladies had put so much into training and formed an amazing bond with each other.

Our first test we had won by a huge margin, but unfortunately we were D’Qued on our S/S block there was a slither of wood if you could call it that, but the ring umpires advised that a complete ring had not been severed. Our heads still up we moved into the second test, again won by a big margin and again the ring not severed, another slither of wood, another D’Que, but again the girls held their heads high, we made a couple of changes, and what a spectacle to behold, not only did we beat both teams, we were flawless in our execution of each discipline, we put our gear on the ground and came together in the middle of the ring, and both teams were still cutting outstanding.

You can view the 3rd test on FB "The women of woodchopping New Zealand".

I was so very proud of that team in Adelaide they showed discipline, guts, and determination.

The Sydney Royal Show was looming in March 2016, another successful training camp held in Ikamatua over two days.Once again a big thank you to Tommy Daly and his band of workers who certainly put on an amazing show over the two days, 12 women attended this meeting. Also a big thanks goes to Kerry Mahuika and Kyle Marshall for sponsoring the van to get the Axe Ferns across to Ikamatua.

Four days after our training camp we all headed across the ditch to again compete in a 3 way test series against two fierce teams, America and Australia.

First Test, America beat us by a couple of blows, and Australia came third, we knew we had to win the second test to be in the running to take out the series, the ladies again pulled out all stops and won the second test, the third test the Americans came back and took the last by a couple of blows.Page 24

To take a team who trained so hard and gave it everything I was very proud of them, at the end of the day it was not about where we placed it was about the Aroha the ladies carried over the three tests, and our youngest Mikhayla whom on her debut entry into the Axe ferns did not disappoint, she made a final in her very first Sydney show so proud. And to win the annual Achievement Prize (chosen by Australia) simply outstanding.

Class S005: The annual Achievement Prize, awarded to the Lady Competitor demonstrating skill, talent and potential during competition at the 2016 Sydney Royal Easter Show Winner Mikhayla Tainui-McLean Otorohanga NZ

With the above in mind the NZ Women’s Sub Committee are on the right track in up and coming sawyers and woodchoppers, and I must commend them on this, looking forward to what the future holds for women woodchoppers.

The ladies excelled in their individual events making the podium many times, thus showing the hard work put in for both the individual events and the test series, and so deserved to be there.

To all our helpers, Alastair Taylor, Neville Bowen, Charles Hall, (wedgers) Shane Jordan for calling both underhand cutters through their logs, and the other helpers who helped set up logs, fixed axes, saws, gave encouraging advice,) Grant Fawcett his help and assistance in Adelaide was invaluable.We are so very grateful to you all.

A big thank you goes out to our sponsors who make our uniforms possible.Without our generous sponsors, uniforms would not be possible.The team look very professional at all times, travelling and competing.

I am excited for the NZ Axe Ferns future.

Paula Poasa

Manager (NZ Axe Ferns)