Axe Ferns Captains Report 2016

Royal Adelaide Show 2015

Royal Adelaide Show September 2015 witnessed a newly named, positive and determined New Zealand women’s line-up.

Proudly competing as the New Zealand Axeferns this team consisted of Ashleigh Heath, Rochelle Molan, Jackie Brown, Kylie Heaton, Darcell Apelu, Alma Wallace and myself.

I know that our manager Paula Poasa was extremely proud of this team and their joint efforts to do well. She stood by us in every way she could which helped us consolidate as a very sound team.

The first two International races we finished ahead of the Australian and American women’s’ teams then due to two technical errors we were disqualified in both.Page 25

We regrouped and hit the third race with incredible determination and blitzed the field by a big margin. Emotions ran high as we took out that race and we stood in a huddle and watched the race completion between America and Australia. There was a great sense of pride and this team was a new beginning of something very special.

Many thanks to Grant Fawcett and Alastair Taylor, your help was so valuable, keeping this team relaxed and focused during our races, it was great.

To the New Zealand under twenty ones’ we really appreciated your support and help as well, it was a great feeling to have extra support from home.

A special mention must go out to the Wanganui Axemen’s Club for a wonderful training weekend, great organization with wood, venue, food and accommodation etc, it certainly was beneficial for our team to have this support for our International preparation heading to the Adelaide Show.

Sheree Taylor

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2016

It was evident that all the ladies of the New Zealand Axeferns team had done an incredible amount of preparation to compete against the Australian and American International Women’s’ teams.

We had the same lineup that previously raced in Adelaide in September 2015 with the inclusion of Mikhayla Tainui, a very dedicated and talented competitor, proving to be also a valuable team member.

Under the guidance and determination of our manager Paula Poasa, the team was excited and ready to give their best.

The first race of the series was won by America, New Zealand second and Australia third.

The second race New Zealand came out the victors then America and Australia.

The final test was won by the American team then New Zealand and Australia.

The Axeferns can all feel very proud of themselves and their efforts as we only lost the last race by a blow, our performance reflected on the wonderful assistance Shane Jordon, Neville Bowen and Alastair Taylor and our manager Paula Poasa contributed to our women’s’ team.

In our preparation for Sydney it was great to have the opportunity to chop hard wood which we did at the Ikamatua show.This was run over a period of two days, and in conjunction with the show there were a lot of added events for the women, we are very grateful to all concerned as it was a most beneficial and a very enjoyable time, many thanks again.

I would like to congratulate our New Zealand women for featuring well and having great success in the women’s’ individual events during the Sydney Royal Show and to Mikhayla Tainui for your wonderful achievement in receiving the annual prize awarded to a lady competitor demonstrating skill and talent at the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2016.

After many years of competing it is wonderful to be involved with a group of lady competitors of this calibre, New Zealand women have a great future in this sport.

Sheree Taylor