2020 AGM

NZAA AGM 9.30am Sunday, 9 August 2020

The NZAA AGM will be held by Zoom conference this year. Observers will be able to join at any time, following the instructions below. Please note the 30 minutes break times as detailed below.

Session times

9.30am           Session 1
11.00am         30 minute break
11.30am         Session 2
1.00pm           30 minute break
1.30pm           Session 3
3.00pm           30 minute break
3.30pm           Session 4
5.30pm           Finish

ZOOM Invite details:
Topic: NZAA AGM 9 August 2020
Time: Aug 9, 2020 09:30 AM Auckland, Wellington

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 843 0415 7550

Dial by your location
+64 4 886 0026 New Zealand
Meeting ID: 843 0415 7550

Meeting link is provided above, and Internet-based connection is preferred, using a laptop or desktop computer.
The second best option is to join via the internet on a tablet or smart phone.
As a last resort, if you cannot join over the internet, the dial-in details are provided above. 

PLEASE NOTE: There will be a Tech Support person attending the meeting - his name is David Daynes, and he will be on hand to answer any tech questions, as well as provide back-up hosting and recording for the meeting. David can provide support via the chat function, or can jump on and speak as required. 


- Check your name - if it is "Samsung" or "iPhone" etc - please rename yourself to your name.
- All participants will be muted (including executive)
- All members of the executive will be able to unmute themselves as 'Co-Hosts', however when the meeting begins the etiquette requested is to ask to speak first, either by raising your hand on video, or using the "Raise Hand" function
- Observers can request to be unmuted by commenting in the chat box, raising their hand on video, or using the "Raise Hand" Function
- The meeting will be recorded to Karen Corbin's computer, and a back-up copy will be recorded to the Tech Support Computer
- The executive will be required to have their video on at all times - observers can be with or without video



1. Ensure your device is fully charged, and you have done a shut down and restart within 24 hours before the meeting. 

2. Have your charger handy and keep your device charged throughout the meeting

3. If possible, please plan for an alternative joining option should your primary option be unavailable. E.g. If you plan to join on a desktop computer, also have a laptop, tablet or phone available. 

4. Check your internet speed prior to the meeting at speedtest.net - ideally you need upload and download speeds greater than 1 mbps. 

5. If you do not have high-speed internet at home, be particularly mindful of the bandwidth load of other household members - your connection quality may be impacted by other devices on the network. 

6. Please be mindful of the space in which you join the meeting - try not to have uncovered windows behind you, and try to be in a quiet location with minimal background noise and potential for other people or disturbances in the background.